Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Perfect (but perhaps slightly twee) Porcelain

Part of my natural aesthetic - quite a large part, actually - very definitely errs on the twee side of taste.  I love a bow.  And a frill.  And pelmets and tie backs and tassles - all of which by themselves would be fine - but I also love Delft figurines, and Herend animals:

But seriously, wouldn't you want the bunny?

Sadly my husband almost goes into spontaneous combustion whenever I show him a picture of anything by Herend, and I daren't show him my newest obsession, which is special china just for Christmas by Royal Copenhagen (and I know that this is a totally seasonally inappropriate post.  But I think about Christmas a lot.  Even as it ends, I start thinking about how to make the following year even more perfect):

Just look at the bows and the wreathes!  And imagine this hosting the Christmas roulade, all chocolate and cream decadence with icing sugar scattered on top, and little Christmas figures of Father Christmas and reindeer and a sledge that get brought out every year . . . 

And imagine this piled high with lebkuchen, taking centre stage on the tea table. (Much of my upbringing was in Germany, and no other country in the world does Christmas better.  So to me, Christmas without lebkuchen and stollen is just not a proper Christmas.  People seldom say this, but I am going to: thank you, Lidl, for opening in the UK.)

I dream of creating Christmases that are so wonderful - and packed with twee bits of matching china and linen napkins embroidered with angels or snowflakes or something which I'm going to make myself one day, all the silver polished and reflecting happy faces -  that my children, even when married, will never want to go anywhere else.  It is clear  that I am going to be the mother-in-law from hell, fiercely competitive of my children's time, and I know that I am going to have to resist this urge.

But I'm not sure if I can resist the Royal Copenhagen.  I'm considering buying just one piece a year, every year, until I've got a full collection.  And meanwhile I'm praying, praying, that my husband gives in and buys me a Herend rabbit as a present one day.