Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Fabulous Landscapes

I've been wondering how I can frill and pompom everything in sight, and fill a mantlepiece with Delft shepherdesses and a whole farm of Herend lace pattern animals, and yet avoid creating a house that looks like the majority of my mother's friends' in the 80s.  And then I had a brain wave (I think):  the answer is to go seriously outre (I can't work out how to do an accent) with the wallpaper.  The ever-amazing Christopher - who gets out rather more than me because he doesn't have two small children - just sent me these images of murals from Carnovsky's RGB Fabulous Landscapes installation which was at the Fondazione Adolfo Pini in Milan for the duration of the Salone Internazionale del Mobile :

I genuinely believe that this would provide the most fantastic background for my Royal Compenhagen Christmas china.  But as you can see they change colour and the below wouldn't work as well:

I've tried - admittedly not very hard - to find out what RGB stands for,  but I've got six articles on the go at the same time, all due in within the next two weeks, and there's a limit to how much even I will procrastinate (though I did alphabetise the children's books earlier today.  And our house is beyond clean.)  However what I did find out is that Carnovsky's RGB is "an ongoing project that experiments with the interaction between printed and light colours.  The resulting images are unexpected and disorienting.  The colours mix up, the lines and shapes entwine becoming oneiric and not completely clear."  Which is apparent, really, looking at the images.  But either way I think it's kind of brilliant.  One could change the entire colour scheme of a room simply with a flick of a switch (I imagine.)  And there are all sorts of different designs.

For my kitchen.  And I'd totally do the floor in it too.

For my bathroom.

An alternative to that Versace wallpaper for my basement nightclub.
nd not completely clear. Through a colored filter (a light or a transparent material composed.
But this is my favourite:  it was exhibited at Dream Bags Jaguar Shoes in Dalston in 2011, where I haven't been for about ten years, it seems.  I love it.  I could totally live with this, and I think it would look really good combined with the Herend animals.  Or in the children's bedroom.  (Although it too changes colour and becomes slightly less easy to live with, and Sholto is already plagued by red owl-related nightmares.)

Oh - Christopher has just told me that RGB stands for 'red, green, blue.'  He thinks. He's probably right.  It would make sense.